Digital Media Center

media centerThe NCBI media center was created in order to produce culturally appropriate gospel audio and video products.

We believe that producing quality materials in digital formats, and distributing them through the Internet and CDs, will make the Good News accessible in every home.

Translated in several languages, such products will serve as an effective means for gospel communication among the unreached ethnic peoples of the region.


Audio studio

The center operates two studios and one study program:

Video studio

- Capable of producing digital videos, copying and posting them on the Web. The coordinator is Alexey Tsiruliov, a missionary pastor and a graduate of Moscow Graduate School of Cinematography.

Audio studio

- Capable of recording audio Bibles, worship music etc. The first project we plan to work on is producing an audio version of the Balkar New Testament.* The record will then be distributed through the Internet, CDs, or installed into pocket size MP3 players.

* Balkars is an unreached Muslim people group in the Caucasus.

Radio broadcasting studioDigital Media for EvangelismStudy program in ‘Digital Media for Evangelism’

- A two-year certificate course. The students are introduced to various types of media – including graphic arts, the internet, digital video, scriptwriting and audio – and explore the production methods for each form.

Radio broadcasting studio (retransmitting)

- Starting in June 2013 the studio will broadcast the feed of St.Petersburg Christian station Theos radio. Locally created programs will gradually replace up to 6 hours of air time a day.

Alexey Tsiruliov


It is my prayer that our digital materials will be capable of initiating insider movements of Christian discipleship among the Caucasus peoples.

Alexey Tsiruliov, coordinator of DMC

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