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You can make our impact in the Caucasus greater.

How can you help NCBI?



Your prayer is an important gift. Contact us to receive our Prayer Alerts via email.



We need teachers with appropriate education and experience in Cross-Cultural Missions, Muslim Evangelism, Pastoral Care, and Digital Media for Evangelism. We are also interested in receiving short-term mission teams for teaching English intensive courses.



Like many Bible colleges and seminaries around the world, NCBI depends on financial resources that go beyond what is received from student tuition.



Student Scholarships - $1500 per year pays 75% of one scholarship for an NCBI student. The other 25% is the responsibility of the student or the sending church.

Library and Media Center Development - $20 buys one textbook for NCBI. Help us develop the Media Center with the purchase of more up-to-date equipment for the audio-studio.

Mission Mobilization Project - support three mission coordinators who work full-time and travel extensively visiting churches in the region.

Faculty Development Program - we need scholarships for three national faculty members who are working on completing their Master or Doctoral degrees.

Publishing Two Books on Missions - we obtained the rights, and are translating two important textbooks on cross-cultural missions. Help us to publish them so that they can be used for teaching students and missionaries in the region.

A Faculty or Staff Member - the highest salary of a national worker is $400 per month which includes housing. Support a person or a family serving at NCBI.

Your contribution will also help us improve technology, gymnasium facilities, classrooms, dormitory rooms. You can also invest in creative original programming in local languages. 

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Andrey Kravtsev, rector of NCBI, or Ted Rodgers, executive director of RLM (see the page Contact Us).

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